Leaving Expectations Behind and Going with the Flow

Leaving Expectations Behind and Going with the Flow in a Wee Coastal Town in Scotland It’s been quite a while since I posted here so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. I just ended my grand month-long adventure in Ireland and Scotland. Although I’m physically back, I most definitely left a piece […]

How Did Such a Nature Lover End Up Living in Cities Her Entire Life?

How did such a nature lover end up living in cities her entire life? Which view do you prefer? This above? Or this? Jersey City Construction What sounds do you like waking up to? Birds chirping? Or hammers pounding and construction equipment droning on? I left the beauty of Scotland behind and arrived home to […]

Haste Ye Back

Scotland has seduced me – with its otherworldly green fairy hills, mountainous vistas, lochs and glens, ancient castles, monasteries and standing stones, quaint villages, sheep and Highland cows, welcoming Scots, and its language. When was the last time a stranger said “Haste Ye Back” to you? It almost made me cry. The more I trust […]

Ayurveda and Mother Nature Are One

If Ayurveda confuses you, all you need to know is that at its core is the teaching we are one with Nature. It’s pretty simple. We are air, ether, fire, water, and earth. In different proportions, of course – that’s what gives us our uniqueness, our constitution. Discover what yours is and then seek to stay in […]