It’s Kapha Season in the Bear Den

This is my third blog post with the words “Bear Den” in the title. I’m sure that’s some kind of blogging no-no but I don’t care. It’s all about The Bear Den these days and this is my first Kapha Season here in New Hampshire. Today started out cold and snowy with big wet flakes. […]

Lean Against a Tree and Let Nature Heal You

I have my pink writing crown on (for real – I found it in a shop in Upstate NY last year) and still the words are struggling to show themselves. I’ve been absent from my blog for too long, and with each passing day I seem frozen in a strange waiting mode. I’ve noticed that […]

In Honor of Darkness on the Winter Solstice

In Honor of Darkness on the Winter Solstice I saw a headline in a Google search this morning “Winter Solstice: It only gets better from here – USA Today” Afraid of the dark, are you? We praise the light constantly Get out in the sun! Banish the darkness! Light up your life! Adorn everything with […]