How Do I Love Me Let Me Count the Ways

Sounds a little narcissistic, right? That’s certainly not what Elizabeth Barrett Browning had in mind when she wrote her famous sonnet “How Do I Love Thee“. And the “Love Yourself” mantra seems saturated in the world of self-help. But please hear me out. How Do I Love Me Let Me Count the Ways As the […]

Loving My Introverted Self

When the same subject shows up repeatedly, I know that it’s time to write about it. A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with my naturopath who remarked that an introvert is someone who recharges by being alone, whereas an extrovert recharges by being with other people. “I’m an introvert” I stated. No […]

The Heart Chakra 2

This is a re-post of an article I wrote last year, but the message is still the same: Nurturing and loving ourselves will keep our heart chakra open, the energy flowing and enables us to share that love with others. The first time I started paying attention to my heart chakra was about a year ago […]

February The Love Month

February, the love month has always seemed like an odd month to me, nestled in between hibernation-friendly January and blustery March. I’m speaking, of course, as someone who lives in the Northeast. It’s officially still winter here, even though we’ve had only one snowfall and it’s going to be 60 degrees tomorrow! This month always […]