Our Tears Are Just Rain

Wow. Is it really true? I haven’t written a word here on this site for one whole year. 1-11-2018. One year ago today. Well, I cannot, will not let 1-11-19 pass without writing. The magic of this day revealed itself to me four years ago. You can read about it here if you’d like. And so I honor […]

The Voice of Authenticity

Cruising along on my bike this morning, Judy Garland came singing through my iPod. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Who doesn’t love that song? But it wasn’t the movie version of the song, it was an older Judy singing at Carnegie Hall to a live audience. Her voice faltered a bit. But it was Judy’s voice, […]

Love Blast to NYC in Spite of the Heat!

Almost every day, weather permitting, I ride my bike down by the Hudson River. I often pass the North Cove Marina with its extravagant yachts hovering over the little red sailboats of the Manhattan Sailing School. And there, woven right into the railing, are the words of the writer and poet Frank O’Hara. “One need […]