The Motivator Named Felipe the Fly

September 20, 2016

The Motivator Named Felipe the Fly

I had to draw a picture
of this intruder
who won’t let me be
because he won’t sit still
for a photograph
It’s a crude representation
but it’ll have to do
Up on the eighth floor here
where I live
bugs are rare
A trade-off for
being ungrounded
But this pesky fly
who came in my window
a couple of weeks ago
has set up residence
What’s a person to do?
I cannot kill bugs anymore
Not sure when I crossed over
into that camp
but I’m there
I cannot kill a flea
as they say
or a fly
I’ve tried coaxing him out
to no avail
I’ve even named him
It’s a private joke
Felipe the Fly
It makes looking at him
way more interesting
Don’t ask
I won’t tell
Why couldn’t it have been
a butterfly
or a dragonfly,
I ponder,
instead of a
boring fly?
After a few days
of full-blown irritation
I did what any normal person
would do
I looked up
Fly Symbolism
“Never discount an animal
who crosses your path,
no matter how small
or seemingly insignificant”,
a teacher once told me
Nothing can stop you right now!
I read
Changes are underfoot
Be prepared to move quickly!
Abundance is coming your way!
Felipe takes on a whole
new meaning
He’s no longer bugging
me anymore
(pardon the pun)
He flits around my desk
when I get distracted
on Facebook
or Instagram
“Get to work!”
he pesters
“There are things
to be done!”
My fly,
the coach
the cheerleader
I hate it when
he lands on
my lunch
But what do I expect?
He’s a fly
after all
He likes to sit
on my left shoulder
for some reason
No clue why
Maybe he likes to see
what I’m writing
“But, Barbara”, you say
“How do you know
it’s the same fly?”
Wink wink
You think I’ve lost it
don’t you?
I am telling you
this feisty little fly
named Felipe
has become
my motivator
He’s persistent
He’s just what I need
right now
And I’m going to miss him
one day
When he inevitably
flies out my window
I never thought the
day would come
when I would beg a fly
to stick around
“Just until my book
is written”
I plead to
who’s perched on
my left shoulder
right now
Wink wink

–Barbara Sinclair 2016

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