The Myth of the Perfectly Healthy Healer

November 21, 2014

I don’t know that I’ll ever feel completely comfortable referring to myself as a healer. After all, we’re all healers, aren’t we? We heal others with our love, our touch, our music, our art, our cooking, our mothering and fathering. We have the power to heal ourselves.

But for the sake of this article I’m talking about those healers who at some point in their lives answered the call to help others heal themselves.

Inasmuch as a good part of my day is spent either actively in a healing session with someone or writing about holistic health, I guess I fall into this category. And I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for learning more.

I am surrounded by hundreds of other healers with whom I interact almost daily. When I started studying energy medicine years ago my group of fellow students was small, like a little extended family. Now that family has grown large and we are scattered all over the globe.

We support each other, love each other, help heal each other and often just lend an ear to each other. It’s a powerful loving group that I am blessed to be a part of.

The Myth of the Perfectly Healthy Healer

But we are not without pain or illness or conflict in our lives. We are on our own journeys of healing just like everyone else – in our bodies, minds and souls. There is no such thing as perfect health. There are days when we feel in perfect health and those days are precious and we are grateful for them.

In my own case, it was the dark, pain-filled challenging days where I learned (and continue to learn) the biggest lessons. In an intuitive reading given to me a few years ago I was told that my body would be my greatest teacher in this lifetime and truer words were never spoken. As difficult as that truth has been, I am grateful because it led me into this world of healers.

Every day I teach people about Ayurveda and how to live its principles. And every day I struggle myself to practice what I teach. I know the routine I should follow daily to keep me calm and centered. But my Vata always wants to roam and play, flitting from one thing to another! And my Pitta wants to keep my nose in a book or online 24/7, learning more and more and more. Insatiable learning – sounds like it should be a good thing – but it can unbalance you just as surely as any addiction.

But, boy, when I do practice what I teach and see the results – a calmer, clearer me – I want others to know the same feeling.

As I was ruminating about what makes healers want to help others heal I got up to make myself some ginger tea. Lo and behold, the wise little message on my Yogi tea bag read “Live to Share”. 🙂

I believe that most of us who chose this path of the healer do so not out of wanting a sense of power (although there are surely unscrupulous people like that) or an illusion of perfection, but out of a sense of wanting to share. By sharing our own stories of recovery, whether through words or visuals, or through our healing hands, we hope to effect healing in others.

And when that happens, there is no greater reward for the painful journey it might have taken to get there.

Much love,

  1. Lovely and well written. I can endorse what you say from personal experience. Thank you. Walking the talk is not always very easy! Linda

  2. Thank you Barbara for another inspirational blog!

  3. Talk about synchronicity! Just as the tea bag message was for you, your article comes at perfect timing for me. I was contemplating this myself today and had just finished journalling about it when I read your blog. Sometimes healers need to be healed, and coaches need to be coached. You are a wonderful teacher Barbara, thank you for your continued insight!

  4. Thank you Barbara for this. Walking our talk can sometimes be hard and at other times something that comes natural. We are all learning and experiencing how to walk this tight rope together. Much love to you!

  5. Thank you Barb, that was beautiful! And I can totally related, to both the Pita and Vata! Started another course in Ayurveda this fall…can’t seem to get enough!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. My Pitta and Vata relate to yours! Wonderful blog, sister.

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