The Voice of Authenticity

September 1, 2016

Cruising along on my bike this morning, Judy Garland came singing through my iPod.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Who doesn’t love that song?

But it wasn’t the movie version of the song, it was an older Judy singing at Carnegie Hall to a live audience.

Her voice faltered a bit.

But it was Judy’s voice, no mistaking it.

I had full-on goosebumps.

I’m listening to it again now, as I type.

More goosebumps.

When it ends with

“If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can’t I?”

the crowd is clapping, cheering, shouting her name.

As the orchestra continues playing the song, the applause doesn’t die down, it only grows stronger. Louder.

The energy of her performance comes through my headphones and I might as well be standing in the front row at Carnegie Hall. I’m sobbing.

On my bike listening to the song I hear my muse (The Voice) tell me to write about Authenticity.

Our original voice.

How important it is.

What a gift it is.

The Voice of Authenticity

“But, I have so many other things waiting in line to be written,” I say to The Voice. And why does she always chatter to me when I’m on my bike, hands tied up, instead of in front of my computer, ready and waiting. Sigh.

She knows that the very word authenticity will grab my attention.

To call me authentic is perhaps the kindest thing you could say to me.

I’m a Sagittarian.

We honor authenticity and honesty above all else.

I have a built-in authenticity meter. For myself and others. And I strive for it in my own life at all costs.

On my bike, I thought about singers whose voices seem authentic. Genuine. Judy Garland, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Whitney Houston, Lucinda Williams, The Boss, Carole King. A very short list, but you get the point.

You hear their voice and you immediately know it’s them.

Authenticity isn’t about being a star. You can hear someone singing karaoke and recognize it.

And of course, this is not just about singing. Our gifts don’t all lie there. Although, I hope in another lifetime I get to do more singing. 🙂

Some of the most creative and unique people I know don’t have degrees in whatever it is they’re doing. Making art. Writing. Cooking. Designing. Teaching.

They have discovered their gift – be it a voice, an ability to put words together on a page and make them come alive, or to please our palates with meals created by a passion for food.

I recently took a writing course and found myself in the midst of some deeply poetic writers. My writing seemed, well, simple. Kind of like me.

I could try and emulate their writing styles but I would know it was missing something.


That’s not to say that we’re not influenced by what others do or say. Any artist who claims not to have been influenced by other artists is probably fibbing a little.

But there’s that seed within each of us that is pure us. Our special something.

One of the greatest accomplishments we can achieve in our lifetime is to recognize that seed, nurture it, and when ready, bring it out into the world.

To recognize, honor, and use our authentic gifts is, I believe, why we’re here.

Do you know what your special seed is?

Are you ready to share it with us?

When we put our authentic voice out into the world, in whatever form it takes, we are sharing our creative vibration which is a powerful kind of healing.

And it can last forever.

What a gift, that I can listen to the voice of a singer, long-gone, and be transported back to that moment in time. I can be part of that audience in Carnegie Hall.

I can feel the power of Judy’s authentic voice move through me, tug at my heart, and bring forth a flood of tears.

So, don’t hold back. Let your own voice of authenticity speak or sing or write or cook or do whatever you were born to do.

The world is waiting.

For your authentic self.

As the beloved Wayne Dyer said

“Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside You”

All my love,


  1. Thank you Barbara, for this heart-opening reminder that our authenticity is the only way to a life well lived. And I love how your Inner Muse kept persisting until you did something about it – that’s True Love at work.

  2. Thank you for being authentically you! Your candidness is an inspiration to those of us silencing our authentic voice with fear. Thank you for showing us how to sing out. Keep your beautiful writings coming!

  3. Dearest Barbara, I love your authenticity. And your writing. 🙂

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