Use Your Senses to Stay Balanced

December 8, 2014

Each dosha is connected to one of more of the five senses

Vata (air/space elements) = hearing and touch
Pitta (fire/water) = sight
Kapha (water/earth) = taste and smell

Use Your Senses to Stay Balanced

We obviously use all five senses, no matter what our constitution is, but a particular sense (or senses) will be stronger depending on which doshas are more prevalent.

Vata-types are very auditory and sensitive to loud noises

Music can be very soothing, or very unnerving, depending on the type of music. And no one loves a massage better (and perhaps benefits more from one) than someone with a lot of Vata in their constitution. They generally love to touch and be touched.

Pitta-types have very sensitive eyes and are also very visual – especially where beauty is concerned

Poor vision and irritated or bloodshot eyes often plague people with high Pitta and they need to strongly nurture and protect them. Moonlight is very soothing for Pitta type eyes.

And as for Kapha-types with their strong sense of taste and smell, well, how many Kapha chefs are there out there?

A lot! My partner Ralph was a chef and was pure Kapha. I could never understand why someone who was a chef could have such extreme reactions to certain smells and tastes. Now I know why! And it makes perfect sense.

Perhaps you have a child with a lot of Kapha in their constitution – it might explain why they react so strongly to some foods. Of course, childhood is the Kapha time of life, so many children have this propensity.

Which senses are strongest in you? Paying attention to our own particular sensory makeup and honoring what’s best for us, can be a great tool to help us stay balanced in our daily lives.

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