What I Did On My Summer Vacation

September 9, 2011

Even though summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd, let’s face it, we feel it coming to a close. What I did on my summer vacation this year was unusual – I traveled a lot more than usual, admittedly running away from my home where my partner, Ralph was no longer with me to do our usual summer-in-the-city activities.

Among my travels, I spent a week with extended family in Northern Michigan and had a revelation that families are just a microcosm of our world. There were 20 of us – 14 under one roof and 6 next door. We have vastly different personalities and ages, political views and lifestyles, but somehow when we meet once a year in this lakeside paradise, we manage to let it go and go with the flow. We spent time alone but came together for meals and games. I left my health coach hat at home and kept my healthy eating comments to myself. Hard to do when an entire cupboard is devoted to junk food snacks! I admit to being seduced by the cupboard myself and the sweet and salty treats lurking inside. The potato chip has been tempting me since my childhood when my uncle Tony would bring us a 1 lb. box of perfect hand-picked potato chips from his job at the Krun-Chee potato chip factory in Detroit. Salty bliss.

There was even a rowboat rescue by my son, Brian, who had to swim out and bring me back to shore. What can I say…the clouds were spectacular! I was blissfully alone taking pictures and didn’t notice that the wind had shifted and the strong current had changed directions. I was drifting away from the cottage and as much as I pride myself on my rowing, I was going nowhere! Still, I loved everything about the experience. I think Mother Nature was responsible for keeping us all happy. In addition to the spectacular clouds, she graced us with a full moon, stars in the sky, warm sunny days and a booming thunderstorm. The older I get, the more childlike I feel myself becoming when it comes to nature. I don’t think there’s a better therapy around than swimming in a lake or ocean, laying in a hammock under the trees or walking barefoot in the wet morning dew. It nourished my tired body, fed my soul and helped heal my aching heart. A summer spent nurturing myself has left me motivated, refreshed and ready to get back to work.

If travel is in your future, you can read about my healthy travel tips here. What are some of yours?

What was special about your summer? Did you have time to slow down and rejuvenate?As always, I love hearing from you!

Much love,

  1. Hello Barbara: Ran across your post while looking for a vintage Krun-Chee tin. I worked at Krun-Chee from the 1968 to when they closed in December, 1974. We were located at 14471 Livernois, Detroit. What dept. did your Uncle Tony work in?

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