What I Heard Three Years Ago Today, Barbara Sinclair

What I Heard Three Years Ago Today

It was the afternoon of 1-11-15
Cozy in my worn leather chair
I settled into my afternoon meditation
Noise-cancelling headphones, check
Eyemask, check
Stone in hand, check
Frankincense burning, check
I must have been blissfully gone
wherever it is we go
while breathing
saying the mantra
world’s away
or maybe not
Suddenly I heard
and saw the words
“Pink is Everything!”
exclamation point and all
I’ve told this story before
How months later
The Voice
said I was to
write the book
Pink is Everything!
And how I argued that
I don’t really even like
the color pink
And I don’t want to
write a book
But The Voice
Write the book
So, I started gathering
evidence of Pink
in my life
Pink stories
Pink serendipities
Still not my favorite color
But undeniably important
for some reason
I’m still exploring
those reasons
At first
the thought of
writing a book
terrified me
bored me
annoyed me
I tried to ignore
The Voice
but every time I
hopped on my
Pink bike
it would whisper to me
Buy the domain
Start writing stories
The thought of a chapter book
was so uninspiring to me
More procrastination
On my birthday that year
my friend brought me
a dozen pink balloons
to inspire me to
write the damn book
When the balloons
started floating down
from the ceiling
they drifted
around my apartment
for weeks
until finally
I gathered them up
and hung them from the ceiling
in my workspace
to remind me to
write the damn book
They became wizened,
but I refused
to throw them away until I
wrote the damn book
Still, I procrastinated
because a chapter book
was so uninspiring to me
On 1-11-2017
Exactly two years later
(I’m not making this up!)
I was again, deep in my
afternoon meditation when
The Voice
spoke to me
and said
Forget a chapter book!
Make it an art book
Fill it with your drawings
and photographs
and poetry
and yes,
your stories
excitement about writing
the damn book!
The wall in my workspace
is now covered with
of Pink
and so much more
Because in the process
I realized that this book
is not going to be
just about Pink
It’s just one of
my stories
The ones that
I’m finally ready
to share
After my birthday last month
I went into the city
with a friend
We went to an
all-pink restaurant
in Nolita
and afterward stopped
at the Balloon Saloon
in my old neighborhood
for a fresh dozen of
pink balloons
Wow, they must have
put extra helium in them
because they are still
for the most part
clinging to my ceiling
But a few of them have
started traveling down
exploring my apartment
like little Pink visitors
Yesterday, I woke up to find
a Pink balloon hanging out
with my plants
in the living room
She was hovering
just hovering
like they were all
talking about me
I decided I will have
Pink balloons loose
in my apartment
until I’ve
written the damn book
Well, today is
Three years exactly
since The Voice whispered
Pink is Everything!
exclamation point and all
I’ve been waking every morning
so filled with inspiration
that I don’t know what
to start with
Let me just interject
right here
right now
that I have
so much gratitude
for The Voice
And if you’re wondering
what’s up
with all these 11’s
Well, my life path number
is 11
In numerology
the date of the first message
on 1-11-2015 is
1+1+1+2+0+1+5 = 11
You can’t make this stuff up
even if you tried
So, imagine my anticipation
and excitement
to settle down this afternoon
on 1-11-2018
in my worn leather chair
Headphones, check
Eyemask, check
Stones from Grand Canyon in hands,
to meditate
and wait for
further instructions
from The Voice


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