What is Energy healing by Barbara Sinclair

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a gentle and effective way to clear, balance and recharges a person’s energy field, which can then affect change in the physical body.

Our luminous energy field (or aura) surrounds and permeates our physical body. In fact, our physical body grew out of our energy field! Although invisible to most of us (people who are clairvoyant can often see the field), it is a vital part of our existence. What is energy healing and how can it help you?

Because energy has no boundaries of time or space, distance healing is every bit as effective.

We are energy and part of a greater universal energy field.

Everything is energy. The field that surrounds us is in constant interaction with the energy fields of other people, animals, objects, nature and virtually everything and everyone in the Universe. So you can see how important it is to pay attention to this “invisible field” – to keep it flowing correctly and cleansed from harmful energies from outside.

We know this intuitively as we say things like “I don’t like that person’s energy.” Or “I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to go on.” We talk about dark energy and light energy. About grounded energy and flighty energy. These are not abstract ideas but part of our reality. We are energetic beings.

If we could all see clairvoyantly, our environment would look like strands of light intersecting and travels as far as the eye can see. If this seems like a stretch for your imagination, just think about radio waves. We can’t see them, yet we know they’re real.

Imbalances in our energy field precede imbalances in our physical body. Our “energy body” is every bit as important as our physical body. And it is much easier to correct problems in our energy field before they’ve entered the body, which is dense matter. Energy healing, either by yourself or with a practitioner, is vital.

Our bodies depend on fresh flowing energy (our prana, or life force) from the Universal Energy Field to stay healthy and vibrant. Eating improper food, being sedentary, filling our minds with toxic thoughts and imagery, being around negative and toxic people or living in a toxic environment can all disrupt this energy flow. It can become blocked or congested and create stagnation in the body, leaving us vulnerable to illness and disease.

Energy medicine is a broader term that encompasses every form of mind/body/spirit holistic healing that revolves around energy flow: acupuncture, sound healing, hands-on healing, crystal therapy, just to name a few.

Energy follows thought. Using what my teacher always calls “unbending intent”, an energy healer can direct his or her attention and intention as if it were a beam of energy, at a person from a distance. In this manner, distance healing is every bit as effective as hands-on healing.

And just as importantly, we can direct this healing to ourselves, through positive thought and intention.

Trust your gut when choosing a practitioner.

An energy healer has likely spent years balancing and charging their own field before attempting to work with others. You want to be sure that you feel good vibes around the person who is using energy healing or energy medicine to facilitate your own healing. I can’t state this enough. Trust your gut when choosing a practitioner. How does your energy field feel in the presence of his/her energy field? If it’s not positive, look elsewhere. This can be done from a distance, as well as in person.

A hands-on healer is using the life force Universal energy as well as their personal energy field to help affect change in yours. This energy is directed through their body and out through their hands to facilitate healing.

You might feel less blocked (literally, you are), lighter (both in body and mind) or emotional after an energy healing session. An energy healer can help you move stuck energy (often emotional energy) out of the body. Grief and trauma can finally be released after years of taking up residence in the body.

Our energy field has many layers, some structured linearly and others, like clouds. Different layers relate to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our life.

How does this Universal energy flow in and out of us? Through energetic centers known as chakras (Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light”). These chakras are like vortexes that draw energy in and out of the body.

Each chakra is associated with a major nerve plexus and gland in a particular area of the body, directly affecting our physical, emotional and mental health. It is vital that these energy centers remain open and spinning in the proper direction. A distorted chakra can spin in the wrong direction or be shut down completely, thus negatively affecting the area of the body it is associated with.

There are many chakras in the body. The seven primary chakras will be our main focus.

The lower three chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) are connected more to life on this earth (being grounded in this life, our relationships with yourself and with others) whereas the upper three chakras (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) are controlled more by energies of a cosmic/spiritual nature. The fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, is the bridge. “As above, so below.” The upper chakras help us connect spiritually while the lower chakras help us live on the earth plane. We need all aspects to live healthy and fulfilling lives. The heart, of course, is the key to a truly enlightened, connected and happy existence.


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