What Time Were You Born?

June 16, 2019

One of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me was one sentence written in an old blue notebook.

“You were born at 2:32 PM.”

It was 1988 and I had two small children. Mother’s Day was approaching and something nudged me to send a little extra love and appreciation her way that year.

So, I wrote some thoughts to Bernadine (Bernie) in a new journal and my intention was for us to continue writing back and forth.

I think months went by before my mother finally wrote me back. I don’t know what happened to my beautiful carefully selected journal, but instead, I received four pages (in her flawless cursive) in an old beat-up spiral-bound blue notebook.

Mostly it was about my birth and the ensuing trauma that followed. I had been rushed to a children’s hospital because of a medical emergency.

In the end, it all worked out, and here I am, reflecting back.

Eventually, the blue notebook made its way into a box of memorabilia and somehow survived a divorce and more than one move.

Many years passed and at some point, I found myself visiting an astrologer or tarot reader or psychic. I don’t really remember. Maybe she was all three.

All I remember is being asked my time, date, and place of birth.

And, believe it or not, that little voice, the one I like to call The Voice, reminded me about the blue notebook.

I went searching for it and there it was, with that one sentence that would help bring so much clarity to my life.

Let me first say that I’ve never been someone who checks my daily horoscope. All I really knew, for most of my life, was that my sun sign was in Sagittarius.

Brutally honest. Check.

Independent nature. Check.

Lives in the present moment. Check.

Eternal optimist. Check.

Seeks wisdom. Check.

Loves to travel. Hmm, kind of.  I also LOVE being at home.

But, wait. You mean there’s more to astrology than your sun sign?

And your sun sign is your destiny?

This is when I started to hear the words ascendant (or rising) sign, and moon sign.

About this planet being in that house.

Trines and nodes and aspects and all kinds of other confusing-as-hell terminology.

To be honest, I still have a hard time understanding a lot of the concepts in astrology. But boy-oh-boy did having my chart read rock my world.

This is where that important sentence with my time of birth comes in.

You see, if you’re lucky enough to know your time/place of birth, you’ve hit the astrology jackpot.

Turns out my ascendant and moon signs are both in Taurus.

It explains my deep love of Nature. And my love of home. And creature comforts. And being strong-willed.

But, it doesn’t stop there. There is so much information to be garnered from a reading. Deep, profound revelations. What I’ve shared here is just the fluff.

A few years ago I had a soul contract reading by my dear friend, Katie Carlone. Katie’s readings are part astrology, part intuition. And 100% right on, for me.

I felt like I was being seen for the first time. Way down deep in the recesses of my soul.

So many confirmations.

Artist, writer, healer. These things are all in my birth chart, and lucky for me, they’re what I do on a daily basis.

And there were the little things that rang so true.

“You like to take your time. You need to take your time.”

Taurus energy. Earth energy.

“You need beauty in your life.” Not superficial beauty, but color, and Nature, and even beautiful music.

I have Venus in Taurus in my chart. I live life through my senses. This is so true!

“Your body has been your greatest teacher in this lifetime.”

This is a truth I feel in my bones. And in all the parts of my body that ached with chronic pain for eight long years. And for decades before. Even, looking back, as a young child.

It was pain in my body that woke me up and sent me down the path my soul has chosen. And down that path, I found healing and a new purpose in my life.

And then there are transits. Don’t ask me to explain them. All I know is that as the planets move around we are deeply affected by them – sometimes just for days, and sometimes for years.

Back in 2017, after months of unexplained heaviness and unease, coupled with not wanting to come out of my cave, I asked Katie if she would take a look at my chart to see what was going on.

She called me later and said, “Well, if I didn’t know you better, Barbara, I’d be worried you were going to jump off a bridge.”

Then she mentioned Chiron and something else. Maybe Pluto or Saturn.

Lol, I told you astrology confuses me!

At any rate, whatever was happening in my life was reflected in my chart. Did it change anything, having this information?

You bet it did.

Knowledge is power. And Sagittarians love knowledge.

It comforted me to know that I wasn’t crazy and that, like life always does, it would pass. But, I was in a period of deep transformation that would last a few years – some months more challenging than others.

Rather than crumbling, I took this information and let it guide me and give me reassurance.

Another blessed Sag trait – optimism.

Several weeks ago, I had another reading with an evolutionary astrologer named Lynnette Duncan. We met via Skype and she put my chart up on the screen for me to follow along.

And there, in all of those lines and trines and planets and aspects was my life.

My soul’s destiny.

I could look back at some of the deepest darkest times in my life and it was right there in my birth chart.

What I came into this life to do.

Where I’m headed.

Challenging relationships in my life. And why they’re there (or were there).

I should mention that not long after this reading, a dear friend gifted me a Vedic astrology reading. I won’t go into the difference between Vedic and western astrology (Google away!) but they both claim to be more accurate.

According to Vedic astrology, my ascendant/rising and moon signs are in Aries (a fire sign) and not Taurus (an earth sign).

This threw me for an astrology loop!

There were many deep and profound revelations in the reading but I’m still on the fence about Aries vs.Taurus.

It doesn’t surprise me that I’ve been wanting to write this article for the longest time. Sagittarius is all about finding meaning in life, seeking the truth, with an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge. With my sun in Sag, this is exactly what I’ve been doing in my later years in this lifetime.

I can’t get enough of this and so, of course, I assume that all of you will be equally enthralled. 🙂

If you are…

Do you know your time of birth? It’s not always on the birth certificate.

Are your parents still alive? Ask them if they remember the exact time of your birth. Sometimes hospital records can be accessed.

But, if you come up empty-handed, don’t despair. Although a birth chart without the time of birth is a little like a piece of cake without frosting, you’ve still got a piece of cake.

And, here’s another little something that everyone can figure out, right now, that will give you something enlightening to ponder.

Have you ever heard of your life path number via numerology?

All you need is your date of birth for this one.  I had huge ah-ha moments when I learned mine (#2).

You can figure your life path number out right now by clicking here. There are two different ways to come up with this number. The other way is to simply add each digit individually, reducing it down to a single digit.

Here’s an example:

5-22-1985 – 5+2 = 7+2 = 9+1 = 10+9 = 19+8 = 27+5 = 32 3+2 = 5

We’re just skimming the surface of numerology here but knowing my life path number made me see myself with more clarity, and also in terms of my relationships.

The Internet is teeming with information. Have fun and be honest with yourself!

You will also become enlightened in terms of the collective because just as astrology/numerology affects us personally, it also reveals what is going on with humanity collectively.

It is fascinating to look back at major world events and see how they were literally written in the stars/planets.

We’re here in this lifetime to figure out our gifts and share them with the world. Personally, astrology and numerology have been amazing tools to help me along my path.

I’m a late bloomer and I’ve embraced that wholeheartedly. It’s in my chart!  I LOVE that I wake up every day with that Sag sun energy wanting to learn and grow and share, no matter my age.

I wish the same for you, with all my love!


A little Instagram humor via @damncapricorns!


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