Who Else Is Weeping for the Earth Today?

April 22, 2020

This morning
ike most every morning
I sat with my plant family
and played the flute
and sang a little song
I thanked them for the Joy
they give me
I wished them a
Happy Earth Day
and then I began to weep
deep deep tears of Grief
for the destruction man
has heaped on
this exquisite planet
we call Earth
A planet of oceans,
lakes, rivers, and streams
Waterfalls, too
Mountains and hills
valleys and hollows
stones and crystals
flowers and weeds
animals and
I have become consumed
with Trees
They stop me in my tracks
on a daily basis
When I’m sad my first
thought is often of
The Willows
And so I walk to sit underneath them
They wave their fronds of
green or gold or brown
depending on the season
Today they are that otherworldly
green of spring
Willow lulls me back to my center
with her gentle swaying
I have cried many tears
under those trees
The Earth gives
and gives
to us so tirelessly
And we take
and take
and take
So today
on this Earth Day
of honor
I can’t help clean up the river
or the trash in my neighborhood
with my fellow humans
but I can go sit under the Willows
and instead of taking their comfort
I’ll ask what I can give to them
Perhaps a song
or a photograph
to show off their beauty
Anything. Even a simple
“thank you” will do
Who else is weeping
For our Mother, the Earth?
Maybe if we all sing her a song today
she will smile upon us and know
how much we love her.

Earth Day 2020

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